Research Residency
Up to 50 days to focus on Peredelkino-related research
What is a research residency
We invite researchers from Russia and abroad working within the field of literature of the mid and late 20th century and the biography of writers closely associated with Peredelkino. Residents can spend up to two months in Dom Tvorchestva and use this time to work towards completing their book or project. Each application is reviewed by a panel of experts. Possible additional topics include: the Russian literary process from 1936 to 1991, Relationship between writers and Soviet authorities, Genius loci, Culture in the 1960s.
Who is eligible to apply
We are open to applications from researchers who work on topics related to the Soviet cultural and literary process. It is also possible for groups of 2-3 people to apply for the residency to prepare a project.

Residents must be at least 18 years of age and of any citizenship.

Alumni of previous years are also eligible to apply.
What does the residency provide
  • Single or double rooms in the Dom Tvorchestva newly renovated hotel
  • Workspace, access to the library
  • Three meals a day
  • Tickets to Moscow and back
  • Dinner gatherings with other residents
  • Tours and bikes
  • Our support if necessary: providing access to museums or connecting you with our research staff members
    Expectations towards the resident
    • To be on-site for the duration of their residency
    • Hold public events during their residency
    • Grant non-exclusive rights to have the result of their work published by Dom Tvorchestva in print or online
    • Mention Dom Tvorchestva Peredelkino in their published work and send us two copies of their completed work for our library
    Application deadlines
    Applications are accepted year-round. The panel of experts will review your application within 30 days and report their decision. Please pick your first-choice and second-choice dates for your arrival in Peredelkino. The exact dates will be communicated individually.
    Research Residency Application
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    Upload your CV. Accepted formats: .doc, .jpg, .pdf
    What do you want to work on in Peredelkino? Please, describe the topic your research and the approximate timing of its publication
    Links to published works
    Letter of Recommendation
    Please attach a signed Letter of Recommendation from a scientific community member.
    Other documents you would like to attach to your application
    Meetings with the community
    Publication in the almanack
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