Independent Residency
A three-week stay at Dom Tvorchestva
What is an independent residency
The residency programme grants selected participants — writers, translators, artists, researchers, and musicians — a stay in Dom Tvorchestva over a three week period to work on a literary writing, translation, critical text, or other creative project. The programme runs several times a year and hosts up to eight residents at a time.
Who is eligible to apply
We invite applications from poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, playwrights and screenwriters, and translators. We are also open to any other discipline as long as literature is at the heart of the project — we accept applications from artists, musicians, museum curators, etc. It is also possible for groups of 2-3 people to apply for the residency to prepare a project.

Residents must be at least 18 years of age and of any citizenship.
How to apply
The application for an individual residency must include a CV, links to published works or artistic portfolio, and a letter of recommendation (if applicable).

You can apply for each type of residency once a year. It means that you can apply for both an individual residency and a research residency within the same year, but you cannot apply for several independent residencies.

Alumni of previous residencies are also eligible to apply.
What does the residency provide
  • Single or double rooms in the Dom Tvorchestva newly renovated hotel
  • Three meals a day
  • Workspace
  • Tickets to Moscow and back
  • Dinner gatherings with other residents
  • Meetings with editors, publishers, literary agents and organisers of literary events
  • Tours and bikes
    Expectations towards the resident
    • To be on-site for the duration of their residency
    • Hold a public event during their residency (public readings, lectures, workshops, meet-the-author events with general audience and locals)
    • Grant non-exclusive rights to have the result of their work published by Dom Tvorchestva in print or online
    • Participate in meetings at dinner, including with invited guests
    • Mention Dom Tvorchestva Peredelkino in their published work
    Application deadlines
    We are now open for applications for an independent residency in June with a deadline for submissions on 20 March 2022. The deadline for an independent residency in August is 20 May 2022.

    We will aim to notify all applicants of the outcome of their applications by mid-April 2022. The results will also be available on our website and social media channels.
    Independent Residency Application
    Please select your date
    First and Last Name
    Date of Birth
    You must be over 18 years of age
    City of Residence
    E-mail Address
    Contact Phone Number
    Social Media Link
    Make sure your CV is in the .pdf format
    Publications (no more than three)
    Links to published works and their reviews or a link to your portfolio, personal website/project
    You may attach a scanned letter of recommendation from a publisher, journal, library, university, curator or cultural institution (.jpeg or .pdf). There are no particular requirements on how a letter of recommendation should be structured. Letters must be addressed to ANO 'Dom Tvorchestva Peredelkino'
    Other documents you would like to attach to your application
    You may upload .pdf files here
    How do you intend to spend your time during your residency in Peredelkino? What will you be working on? You can also write a synopsis of your work or attach a work plan
    Meetings with the community
    Publication in the almanack
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